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  AZ Technology is an industry leader in the design and manufacture of instruments and hardware for commercial, spaceflight and military applications. Our product line primarly falls into two broad categories: optical properties measurement and laser source simulators.
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As a natural complement to our expertise in specialized thermal control paints/coatings, AZ Technology has developed a product line of highly accurate portable and laboratory portable instruments for measuring the optical properties of materials; specifically, solar absorption, emittance, reflectance, and transmittance. In addition, AZ Technology has custom-developed a number of related laboratory instruments and spaceflight hardware for specific customers. We do also provide measurement and testing services using many of these instruments. Many of these instruments were developed with NASA as described in the most recent 2009 NASA Spinoff Report.

AZ Technology has a second instrument product line of Laser Source Simulators that provide a cost-effective method to perform seeker system operational readiness tests just prior to mission for laser-designated weapons.

  Missile       AZ's Custom Built Ultra-high Vacuum Chamber    
-LSS-100:     -Optical Properties Measurement Instruments:
    -Custom Built Instruments:
  • Optical properties
  • Far infrared reflectometer
  • Laser scatterometer
  • Simulated space environment
    -Spaceflight Hardware
  • Optical properties monitor
  • Space Portable Spectroreflectometer
  • Battery module

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