TMS-800-IY Yellow Paint/Coating for Handrails and Signage on Spacecraft

Above TMS-800-IY sample stayed the same color1 after 4 years of space exposure on MISSE.

TMS-800-IY is an inorganic yellow paint developed for use on spacecraft and satellite EVA handrails and for Beta cloth utilized in the manufacture of MLI blankets.  If the Beta cloth is Teflon coated, the surface should be prepared with a suitable etchant prior to coating application for best results. This material has good adhesion on hard anodized aluminum.  A specialized pigment in a silicate binder, TMS-800-IY can be spray deposited with an air brush or high-volume low-pressure system to form a flexible inorganic yellow nonspecular marker coating for use on emblems, logos, signs etc.  TMS-800-IY meets flammability and toxicity requirements of NHB 8060.1C.

TMS-800-IY has been thoroughly tested in space, having been flown on the Optical Properties Monitor (OPM), the MIR MEEP POSA-I experiment and the Materials International Space Station Experiment (MISSE).

View pre- and post-flight data for TMS-800-IY on MISSE (after 4 years in space).

The table below lists the optical and application parameters of cured TMS-800-IY.

Nominal Surface ResistivityN/A
Thermal Emittance (ε_t)0.89 ± 0.02
Solar Absorptance (α_s)~0.36 at ≥ 4.0 mils thickness
Use Temperature Range-180 C to 900 C
Appearance/ColorNonspecular optical yellow
Nominal Dry Thickness4.0 ± 1.0 mils (over 85% of coated area)
ASTM D3359A Adhesion GradeNot less than 3A
Full Cure (Ambient)7 Days
Coating coverage estimates can be found here.

1On screen color may vary.

Note: terms reflectance, emittance and absorptance and terms reflectivity, emissivity and absorptivity are often used interchangeably.