EZStream: The Internet-based System for Real-time Data Monitoring

AZ Technology’s EZStream uses standard Intranet/Internet technology and personal computers to inexpensively automate the real-time collection, distribution, and visualization of real-time data. International Space Station (ISS) experiment payload status can be displayed through the Internet from any standard Web browser such as Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator. EZStream is currently designed to accept a data stream from the ISS Telescience Resource Kit telemetry application.

Features and Benefits:

  • Server written entirely in Java for portability.
  • NO FIREWALL ISSUES: Uses HTTP for data distribution.
  • JavaBean and ActiveX components available for application/web interface.
  • Server runs on a standard Pentium 550.
  • Client runs on ordinary desktop computers.
  • One TReK server feeds multiple remote displays.
  • Internet data distribution to anywhere in the world.
  • Easy to setup and use.
  • User Authentication for security.
  • Great way to fulfill NASA Education/Public Outreach requirements.

” From Space to your desktop…”

EZStream brings the power of the Telescience Resource Kit to remote desktops

The Telescience Resource Kit (TReK), a software package developed at NASA Marshall Space Flight Center, is the EZStream “engine”. TReK was developed to make it easier for researchers to access payloads on-board the International Space Station from standard laboratory computers. AZ Technology Technology has developed a web-based data server called EZStream, which turns a TReK PC into a Web server, allowing authorized Web users to become live observers of ISS experiments.

Works with Standard Display Development Tools
C/C++, JAVA, Visual Basic, National Instruments LabView
Commercial Applications: EZStream is well suited to commercial applications, such as industrial automation, SCADA, telemedicine, and home automation. AZ Technology is actively seeking partners to pursue commercial applications of the EZStream technology.

EZStream For Automation and Manufacturing

EZStream can allow easier and broader access to process control and factory automation data. Data EZStream fo Automation and Manufacturingsources can be enhanced to allow EZStream to select which data should be published and then supply that data in a standard EZStream format. A typical SCADA system can be enhanced to act as a web/data server so that its data can be displayed remotely. Operators and automation experts will be able to view and control (fine tune) the factory of the future from anywhere in the world. Real-time data will be distributed easily across the Internet so quality assurance, accounting, auditing, management, and engineering personnel can receive up to the minute status of automated factory operations.