Videoconferencing & Collaboration Systems

Mission Statement
“AZ Technology has been developing collaboration applications and systems since 1996.”

AZ Technology provides innovative solutions for Internet-Protocol-based conferencing and collaboration. We are a dealer and re-seller of industry-leading voice, video, and application conferencing hardware and software. We specialize in desktop PC conferencing, supporting integration with conference room systems. We provide a single source of products and expertise to meet our customers’ requirements.

From this core of commercial software products, we develop comprehensive solutions for collaboration applications including mission operations, distributed workgroup, distance learning and other markets. We provide life cycle support, from requirements through installation, integration, and support.

Our customers include corporations, educational institutions, and government agencies across the United States. Three primary customers include NASA, Army Aviation & Missle Command (AMCOM), and businesses located in the Tennessee Valley Technology Corridor (TVTC). IP-based conferencing technology is relatively new. Most of our potential customers are unfamiliar with the technology. A local presence and continuing support is critical to successful deployment of new conferencing applications. Applications often involve custom software development and integration with existing telephony and conferencing systems.

Within NASA, we target mission operations support, distributed workgroup, and education/public outreach applications. Both FVC and AZ Technology conferencing software is available for purchase by any NASA center via the NASA Consolidated Space Operations Contract (CSOC). Our Internet Voice Distribution System (IVoDS) supports International Space Station remote conferencing at dozens of sites across North America. Our Live from Space Station program includes a network of dozens of schools across the US.

Within AMCOM, we target desktop conferencing to support distributed workgroup and training applications. We also target integration of desktop PC conferencing with boardroom-based videoconferencing systems (e.g., Polycom). We supply and integrate gateways to link Public Service Telephone (PSTN) circuit-switched systems with IP-based systems.

Targeted commercial customers include medium to large companies with requirements for daily conferencing with many participants at multiple locations. Participants may be company employees or regularly scheduled customers or vendors. The conferencing may include document sharing (e.g., schedules, spreadsheets), voice conversations, and even video, based upon availability of network bandwidth. We provide on-going consultation, integration, and support services. Many of our customers are in the Tennessee Valley Technology Corridor, stretching from Memphis in the west to Knoxville in the east, and from Nashville in the north through north Alabama to Montgomery in the south.

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