PLS 100 Portable Laser Scatterometer


 The AZ Technology PLS 100 Portable Laser Scatterometer represents a substantial innovation in handheld portable instrumentation for determining surface scattering characteristics. The PLS 100 is a reflectometer that uses specular, diffuse, and tetroreflectance (backscatter) measures to determine total integrated scatter and surface is also determined. Any opaque surface finish from specular to Lambertian is measurable.  

The measurement wavelength is determined by the choice of laser. Depending on available laser diode wavelengths, measurements from the ultraviolet to the near infrared are possible. The sample is illuminated at 15 degree angle of incidence relative to the sample surface normal. Reference samples used during auto-calibration are supplied with the instrument. The PLS 100 Portable Laser Scatterometer is powered by a camcorder style rechargeable battery pack.

The table below lists specifications for the PLS-100 Portable Laser Scatterometer.

Wavelength – Developed for 1059nm and 1305nm wavelengths
– Configurable to any commercial laser diode wavelength
Reflectance (Specular, Diffuse, Retro, Total) Ranges 0.000 to 1.000
Total Integrated Scatter (TIS) Range 0.0000 to 1.0000
Sample size and geometry – Flat surfaces: ≥0.4 inches (1 cm) diameter
TIS Measurement Accuracy ±3% of full scale
Sample surface finish Specular to Lambertian
Reflectance references samples – Gold or Aluminum/MagFluoride mirror for specular
– Z93 coating for diffuse and retroreflectance
Sample temperature Ambient
Surface RMS range Wavelength dependent
Reflectance Repeatability ±1% of full scale
Dimensions Instrument: 4x8x9
Carrying Case: 10x13x12.5
Weight Instrument: 4.5 pounds
Carrying Case: 12 pounds
Instrument power – Rechargeable battery with charger
– AC/DC adapter
Warranty 1 year parts and labor