AZ 2000 Research

A Recent NASA Study Involving AZ-2000 White Thermal Control, Electrically Conductive Paint/ Coating.

1) Controlling Changing and Arcing on Auroral Zone and Geosyncronus Satellites Using AZ-2000-IECW or AZ-2100-IECW

AZ-2000-IECW thermal control and electrostatic dissipative (ESD) white paint has been independently tested by NASA and recommended for use on satellites to control charging and arcing (Note that AZ-2100-IECW has similar properties differing only in the range of conductivity that it can be tailored to) as noted in the conclusions:


The choice of thermal paints can have a significant effect on charging of satellites in auroral zone conditions, as well as for GEO [Geosyncronus Orbit] satellites. To prevent charging and arcing on auroral orbiting satellites, the use of dissipative paints, such as AZ-2000, is recommended.”

Ferguson, D.C. and Rhee, M.S. (2008). “Controlling Charging and Arcing on a Solar Powered Auroral Orbiting Spacecraft,” Conclusions, page 5, NASA Technical Report, Doc. ID  20080031465.

*One can obtain this paper and other NASA Technical reports using the NASA Technical Reports Server.