At Temperature Emittance Measurement (ATEM )

AZ Technology has developed a new measurement system that can measure total near-normal emittance of samples of materials while the materials are at elevated temperatures. Such measurements help characterize optical properties of materials that will be exposed to high temperature environments. The method uses a black body oven reference at the same temperature as the sample.

Sample Characteristics:
1) Flat and opaque.
2) Circular with diameter of 0.75”.
3) Thickness between 0.01” and 0.25”

1) Temperatures can be chosen between 250℃ and 1100℃
2) Air Environment: samples will react accordingly (oxidize, vaporize, change phase)
3) Nitrogen Environment.
4) Measure emittance over time at temperature to determine oxidation/transformation rate.

The plot shows emittance at various temperatures of four samples: 301 Stainless steel, RM550 black inorganic space coating, Nichrome and Polished Platinum. Samples were in an air environment and
were held at each temperature for 2.5 hours. This clearly depicts the impact of oxidation at elevated
temperatures on the emittance of 301 Stainless steel and Nichrome.