Teleoperations and Data Acquisition

AZ Technology has been firmly rooted in teleoperations and data acquisition for over 10 years. Experience began with payload support and telemetry data acquisition and has fully evolved into automation and manufacturing, telemedicine, telescience, aircraft telemetry and large facility monitoring expertise.

With increasing advancements in Internet technology and data connection speeds the generation of “on-site” technical experts is quickly fading. AZ Technology has been on the forefront of making this change occur seamlessly.EZStreamScientists and experimenters no longer have to travel to telescience support centers to watch their spaceflight hardware telemetry. AZ Technology’s EZStream software allows data acquisition and visualization over the public Internet without firewall issues or security hazards. Learn more about EZStream and what it can do for you.

The Telescience Resource Kit is a pc-based telemetry and command system that will be used by scientists and engineers to monitor and control experiments located on-board the International Space Station. AZ Technology was one of the first participants in a TReK telemetry test to verify it’s feasibility over the public Internet. AZ Technology provides TReK installation, integration, training and expertise for several ISS experimenters. AZ Technology is key to Ground Systems Support for ISS Telescience Resource Kitexperimenters. To learn more, visit the TReK home page. To learn more about how EZStream and TReK work together, download the “EZStream for TReK” powerpoint presentation.

AZ Technology has developed a strategic partnership with Optimation to develop a state-of-the-art Data Acquisition Server that is softball-sized, light-weight, battery powered, with a sample rate of at least 1MHz, a synchronization accuracy of at least 1 micosecond, and on-board data storage of at least 1MByte.

Potential Uses:

  • Particle physics to record the results of sub-atomic particle collisions from different angles.
  • Rocket engine testing to record plume characteristics.
  • Stress testing to record the instant of fracture.
  • Fluid and gas flow testing to characterize turbulence through pipes.
  • Any commercial application that requires short duration, high-speed data recording without the complex test support infrastructure.
  • Currently being considered for use in Department of Defense