RM-550-IB Black Thermal Control Paint/Coating

RM-550-IB is an inorganic black paint, originally designed for use on spacecraft and satellites. A highly specialized pigment with a silicate binder ensures that RM-550-IB can be applied over complex surfaces with relative ease compared to other inorganic thermal control paints and forms a bendable ceramic nonspecular black coating when processed properly. RM-550-IB can be utilized in the Low Earth Orbit (LEO) space environment due to its resistance to the deleterious effects of the Atomic Oxygen (AO) flux found there.

RM-550-IB has been thoroughly tested in space, having been flown on the Optical Properties Monitor (OPM) and the Materials International Space Station Experiment (MISSE).

View pre- and post-flight OPM data on reflectance (pdf 20 KB)

The table below lists the optical and application parameters of cured RM-550-IB.


Nominal Surface Resistivity N/A
Thermal Emittance (ε_t) 0.91 ± 0.02
Solar Absorptance (α_s) 0.97 ± 0.02 at ≥ 1.5 mils thickness
Use Temperature Range -180 C to 1100 C
Appearance/Color Nonspecular optical black
Nominal Dry Thickness 3.0+1.0, -1.5 mils (over 85% of coated area)
ASTM D3359A Adhesion Grade Not less than 3A
Full Cure 7 days

Note: terms reflectance, emittance and absorptance and terms reflectivity, emissivity and absorptivity are often used interchangeably.