Shown attached to a personal computer for processing, the Spectrafire is an emissometer that uses an ellipsoidal collector, which allows this bench unit to be smaller than its predecessors.

SPECTRAFIRE, Far Infrared Reflectometer Attachment

The AZ Technology SPECTRAFIRE is a far infrared reflectometer attachment designed for the Thermo-Nicolet line of FTIR spectrometers. As a system, the SPECTRAFIRE provides a Fourier transform infrared (FT-IR) spectral reflectometer that measures spectral total hemispherical reflectance using a unique design for hemispherical energy collection. The instrument scans near-normal hemispherical reflectance from 1.67 microns to 40 microns. All compartments can be purged to minimize signal losses due to absorption by water and carbon dioxide. Normal emittance is calculated by integrating the measured spectral reflectance with respect to the black body curve.

In addition to cataloging and tracking sample spectrums, total hemispherical emittance can be determined for opaque samples by using a specially calibrated puck. Emittance calculated from the SPECTRAFIRE data does not depend on knowing the source spectrum and is not restricted to only 300K. SPECTRAFIRE can be used to correctly determine emittance at temperatures other than 300K and to correctly determine emittance of non-gray bodies.

The table below lists specifications for the SPECTRAFIRE Far IR Reflectometer.


Spectral resolution 0.5 to 32/cm
Spectral range 2.5 to 40 microns (4000 to 250 cm -1 wave number)
Sample size and geometry ≥ 0.33 inches (8.3 mm) diameter
Dimensions: FTIR with SPECTRAFIRE attached. Footprint: 33 x 25 inches
Height: 13.5″ at the SPECTRAFIRE sample port
Electrical requirement for Nicolet asdf120 VAC, 60 Hzasdf
Warranty 1 year parts and labor

*Note: terms reflectance, emittance and absorptance and terms reflectivity, emissivity and absorptivity are often used interchangeably. Spectroreflectometer, spectro-reflectometer and spectral reflectometer are also used interchangeably.