The LPSR300V attached to a vacuum chamber taking measurements of samples in a hard vacuum

LPSR 300V, Laboratory Portable Spectroreflectometer – Vacuum

LPSR 300 V Laboratory Portable Spectroreflectometer Vacuum attached to AZ’s Custom Built Ultra-high Vacuum Chamber
LPSR 300V in use on a Radiation ChamberPortable SpectroReflectometer (LPSR) is a unique integrating sphere instrument for easily and quickly measuring total hemishperical spectral reflectance of almost any surface. This spectral reflectomter makes measurements from 250-2800nm. The LPSR incorporates unique optical, mechanical, and electronic designs to provide state-of-the-art performance in a compact instrument. Depending on the size of the chamber and requirements, the integrating sphere can be placed inside the vacuum chamber and the remainder of the reflectometer attached on the outside of the chamber, or the entire spectral reflectometer system with a vacuum integrating sphere can be placed on the outside of the chamber. The integrating sphere can be configured for either center mounted or wall mounted samples.

The LPSR user interface provides one button operation for standard measurement scans or selectable options for special measurements. The standard automatic operation provides for 100 point measurements over the wavelength. A manual operation mode is also provided. The Windows XP based menu-driven display leads the user through the setup and operation of the spectral reflectometer system including the display of the measurement data and provides for user selectable lamp, detector, wavelength, slit width, and gain.

Automatic integration of the reflectance data is performed to calculate and display solar absorption. An internal hard disk allows storage of thousands of measurements. The operator panel displays solar absorption and spectral reflectance values vs. wavelength.

The table below lists specifications for the LPSR 300V.


Wavelength 250 to 2800 nm
Monochromatic Type asd Prism, with selectable wavelength and slit width fasdf
Repeatability 250 to 2500 nm- ± 1%
2500 to 2800 nm- ± 2 %
Sample sizes 0.5 inches in diameter or larger
Measurement type Spectral Total Hemispherical Reflectance
Spectral resolution with automatic slit control 250 to 2500 nm – better than 5% of wavelength
2500 to 2800 nm – better than 8% of wavelength
Full scan measurement time Less than 2 minutes
Power required 115 VAC/60Hz
Dimensions Measurement Head: 10 x 12 x 8 inches
PC/Power Box: 9 x 16 x 20 inches
Instrument Head Carrying Case: 10 x 11.5 x 16 inches
Warranty 1 year parts and labor

*Note: terms reflectance, emittance and absorptance and terms reflectivity, emissivity and absorptivity are often used interchangeably. Spectroreflectometer, spectro-reflectometer and spectral reflectometer are also used interchangeably.