AZ Technology has a long history in the custom development and production of materials and paints/coatings with tailored optical (UV, visible, NIR, FIR), electrical conductivity, thermal emittance and solar absorption signature properties. Originally developed for space and other harsh environments, many of these paints/coatings are designed to be low-outgassing and space stable and to meet toxicity and flammability requirements. Most of the spacecraft paints/coatings (i.e. satellite paint/coatings) have been qualified or tested by NASA or on flight applications. For details see Paints and Coatings  and Paints and Coatings Application,

AZ Technology is an industry leader in the design and manufacture of instruments and hardware for commercial, spaceflight and military applications. Our product line primarily falls into two broad categories: Reflectometers and Emissometers and Laser Source Simulators .

AZ Technology offers testing/measurements of reflectance, absorptance, transmittance and emittance on a wide range of surfaces and materials. These can be performed for space applications as well as terrestrial applications such as obtaining the Solar Reflectance Index (SRI) toward LEED certification. For further information, contact us at: