Paint and Coatings Application and Development

AZ Technology’s paint, coatings and materials processing capabilities include paint development, formulation, testing, analysis and application, in addition to production of custom or tailored paints to meet specific optical or electrical resistivity requirements.  AZ Technology also has material synthesis and processing facilities that allow us to effectively control material properties and quality to aid in meeting long term stability requirements for use in space and other harsh environments.

AZ Technology’s thick film application capability is facilitated by state-of-the-art equipment. High volume, low pressure (HVLP) turbine type systems are used to deposit paint onto components with complex geometry.  Our primary paint deposition facility is capable of handling components up to 100 square feet (~9 m2) depending upon configuration.  This facility can maintain a controlled environment during deposition and cure with respect to particulate, temperature and humidity.   In addition, AZ Technology deposition facilities are equipped with all necessary equipment for formulating, compounding and testing coatings to ensure batch-to-batch consistency and quality in the final product.  To complement our well equipped deposition facilities, AZ Technology is staffed with expert personnel dedicated to quality.

AZ Technology has high temperature synthesis laboratory facilities.  The high temperature ceramics processing facility has the capability to process materials up to 1700 C with a controlled atmosphere through purging with a variety of gases.  In addition to a well equipped facility, AZ Technology has and utilizes a multidisciplinary staff to meet our customers’ most demanding specialty coating requirements.

AZ Technology facilities also include extensive material testing capabilities. Standard coating physical properties testing such as adhesion, abrasion resistance, optical properties (solar absorption, emittance, reflectance, and transmittance), density analysis and electrical conductivity determination. These in-house capabilities are necessary for the development of tailored paints and coatings for use in space and other harsh environments.