LSS200(PRF&PIM Coding)

LSS-200, Laser Source Simulator with PRF and PIM Coding

LSS-200 Laser Source Simulator with Case
LSS-200 Laser Source Simulator with Case

The AZ Technology LSS-200 Laser Source Simulator generates simulated optical laser signals encoded with PRF or PIM codes for operational testing of seekers on laser-designated weapons. The LSS-200 represents a cost-effective method to perform seeker system operational readiness tests just prior to mission.


  • Portable, hand-held, battery powered
  • Simulated 1064 nm laser source
  • Eye safe LED light source
  • Nominal 50 nsec pulse width
  • Low pulse-to-pulse time/amplitude jitter
  • Encodes all valid PIM and PRF values including PIM test codes
  • Compact flash (CF) card for input of classified prescription
    LSS-200 does not retain classified prescription when turned off
    CF card not required for PRF operation
    Windows PC compatible CF card USB interface provided
    Windows software provided to write PIM prescriptions on CF card
    Optional input of pulse timing table on CF card
  • Proven compatibility with Hellfire and Hellfire II seekers

The table below lists specifications for the LSS-200 Laser Source Simulator.

Emitter -Type: LED
-Peak Wavelength: 1050nm ± 50 nm
-Wavelength Half Width: 70 nm
-Illumination Angle: ± 15 degrees
Power source -Source: Standard AA lithium batteries (2)
-Duration: Continuous Pulse Use ≥ 4 hours
-Low battery indicator
Dimensions 4.0″ x 5.3″ x 1.5
Operating temperature 0 to 140 degrees F
Effective range 0 to 10 feet, typically 30 feet
Time base accuracy 1 part-per-million
Warranty 90 days parts and labor

*The LSS-200 is Export-Controlled as Defined in the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR).